Spirited Roots

Spirited Roots

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Breathwork - $175
Intuitive Healing - $175
Conscious Conversation - $110
Therapeutic conversations and mentorship. Guidance and support during times of transition. Support if you are working with depression, anxiety, fear, self doubt, lack of self-esteem or confidence or feeling paralyzed by your emotions. A conscious conversation pulling on a lifetime of practical and spiritual life exprience.

These sessions available in person or via Zoom
Couples Session - $222
Zoom Session - $175
An Honest Transformation - $3,333
The change is entirely and completely up to you.
What if I told you that in just 6 short months you could go from stuck to unstuck by simply using your breath?
An Honest Transformation;
from stuck to unstuck

I want you to get where I am. Its good here, and I already know you deserve it. This 6 month healing journey gives you the security that together you and I will reach your goals.

We are going to untangle the complexities of your little ‘self’ story. We are going to be genuine. To be genuine means to be actual, to be true, to be sincere and honest. You will share about your hurt and anger and we will use it to build a new relationship with yourself. We will be gentle. You will need your whole heart for this. We will work together to release of the mental attachment to ideas and expectations you have based on fear, about who you are and who you’re allowed to be. We are going to stretch your mental and emotional reach, so that more possibility can filter into your life. We will find ways to weave the intricacies; grief, pains and joys into the tapestry of your life. Bravely exploring your inner landscapes.

The mind will only take us so far in our healing and then the heart must play a bigger role, the heart must carry us through to the other side because the reality is the mind can not fathom the possibility that exists beyond itself. That is the mystery of transition and healing, we want more and we move towards it.

You will develop the emotional intelligence, to support yourself in relationships, at work and in the real world.

Because of this work you will know what you feel, what you need and will be able to take action; setting healthy boundaries, asking for support with clarity, and setting foundations that are congruent with the direction of your vision for your life.


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