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Virtual Breathwork Healing - $150
Virtual Intuitive Healing - $150
Virtual Let's Talk - $150
Virtual Couples Session - $225


Breathwork Healing, Choosing the Heart 09.14 - $50
My dear friend and teacher Erin Telford said the other day..

“there were so many things that I just thought were part of my personality, but actually they were just indicators of imbalance”.

Breathwork provides the framework to be able to identify with yourself beyond the confines of limited mind and connect viscerally to the potentiality that is at the centre of your being. The experience of deep knowing opens an infinite number of new doors for the trajectory of living. It is not the experience of the mind that grows us, but rather the connection to that which is divinely and purely you. The stretch of your heart felt inside every cell of your whole entire body.

You will receive:

Exercises to identify your choice point and how to move towards more of what is really you. Get clear about your hooks and the mental processes that move you away from the life outcome you want, acting ineffectively, and behaving unlike the person you want to be.

In the moment tools, for the real world

A radically self-accepting healing experience, through a guided Breathwork Healing Meditation.

We will also have the momentum of the Full Moon in pisces to propel us into the deeply creative and imaginative wisdom of perceptiveness.